Quattro Stagione – EP
In mid-2001 I became a re-born grindcore fanatic. I say reborn because I my early years in HC were spent obsessing over fast bands and crossover. Go check out the contact page and you’ll see what I mean. But anyway, I loved grindcore. That’s all I listened to for so long…and last year, although I never hated grindcore or anything, I was very interested in listening to more traditional forms of punk/hc. And then something snapped….I wanted to hear the extreme stuff again, and that’s when Germany’s QUATTRO STAGIONE started writing me. It was perfect….their tracks ruled, good politics, and I loved it. So we got to talking about releasing their stuff. This is super fast grindcore/fastcore….at times I think the drummer is on crack. 1000 first press.

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