ExTxA – We’re not the problem + The racket CD

This compiles the (sold out) Racket EP, comp tracks and their (sold out) first LP. I was writing to Otto right after they released their demo, and the result was them appearing on the first Barbaric Thrash comp. Their earlier stuff was just good old raw Swedish punk. I loved it alot….later they started being influenced from early US HC, which you can hear on the “Problem” Lp. When we first started talking about getting their stuff over to the US, I was hoping to do some vinyl projects….but this was also at the time that they had a ton of releases coming out from different American labels. PFC mentioned that they wanted to do a CD version, so we got to work on that. I liked being in volved in this one since I really like their earlier style. 1200 pressed, 600 to 625, 600 to PFC.

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