625#1. No Less/ ETO-Split EP

no-less-eto eto
No Less/ ETO-Split EP
The very first 625 release. Although I put out releases before this (976/Plutocracy split EP, etc), this was the first release as a label. The whole idea behind this was to document the explosion of brutal hardcore from the local West Bay scene. This split took tracks from both the ETO and NO LESS demos. I only made about 700 (because I was low on cash) but I think the original purpose worked. People heard these bands, and some people liked em enough to ask em to do future projects.

625#2. Morbid Life Society – Demo EP

Morbid Life Society – Demo EP
This is an early example of a tradition I”m still trying to maintain�which is to release out of print, or over-looked hardcore. This specific case was to do a posthumous release from San Francisco’s MLS. I saw these guys open for VIO-LENCE and a ton of other thrash bands, and the funny thing was, they were too HC to fit in to the metal scene, and too metal to fit in the then-existing punk scene. This was their 2nd demo. I only did 300 of these, but I love it. Their first demo rules too, its more influenced by Bay Area thrash.

625#3. Plutocracy -“Dankstahz” LP

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Plutocracy -“Dankstahz” LP
My first “problem” record. I guess you could say I�ve been caught up in a couple of damage-recovery projects, and this was the first. PLUTOCRACY (who I played drums for since 1989, and who just reformed in 1998) recorded this LP for Steve from ASSUCK’s label in 92, yet after two years, nothing happened. I called the pressing plant and found out that there were 500 LPs sitting in boxes down there, and that if I paid the invoice, they were mine. I cleared it with Steve, and asked Chris Slap-a-Ham to help me out. Only 500 of these exist, Dan from Spazz and I spent days handscreening the covers. Was later included on a Discography CD as well as released as a 10″ Lp in Europe.

625#4. Spazz/ Charles Bronson-Split EP

Spazz/ Charles Bronson-Split EP
The main thing I like about doing records is working with people I love. Everyone in CHARLES BRONSON ruled (rules!), so this was more of a friendship project than anything else. I still think its the best CB stuff (the guitar tones rule on it), but I also think the Spazz stuff sucks so much ass that I wish we weren’t on it. I think it should have been a one sided EP personally. 450 with Yellow Cover (goat), 50 limited yellow covers with pit picture. 2nd press 1000, blue cover of Neil Blender.

625#5. Agents of Satan – EP

Agents of Satan – EP
One of the most brutal bands to come out of the West Bay. Rumors were bouncing around that there was this black-thrash band that was only bass/vocal/drums. I got the demo and was floored. I was so stoked to do their debut Ep, I think it was the best thing they did. They went on to do a bunch of stuff, all of its rules. 800 black vinyl, 200 red.

625#7. El Guapo- Comp LP

El Guapo- Comp LP

625#8. Utter Bastard EP

Utter Bastard EP
Went into the studio and the engineer told us that he just recorded a band that sounded a lot like SPAZZ. Well, about 1 month later I get this self-released EP of some great fastcore from the Bay Area, from a band no one ever heard about. They mentioned they had no idea what they were doing, so I offered to buy there stock of vinyl, get some covers printed and put it out. Thus it happened. 1000 total, I believe there’s some red vinyl.

625#9. Possessed to Skate- Comp LP/ Later Cd issue

Possessed to Skate- Comp LP/ Later Cd issue
This comp was my pride and joy. I love skating, I loved old THRASHERS with Puszone and MRR talking about skating. But those days were long gone, but I knew so many kids who fucking liked fastcore and skated. So what the fuck, I contacted bands that I knew were down, and put together this comp. I still think it’s the best comp I did. I compiled everything, and then PESSIMISER helped manufacture it. We did an initial 2000. Then a second press of 500, or maybe 1000. Then we did a CD version of 1000 with a final 500 vinyl repress. Here�s the catch though. PALATKA never wanted to be on a CD ever, and we did that repress with the permission of everyone but them (they were out of town at the time). SO here we did this comp and fucked up the ability of PALATKA to stay true to their ethics. I’m still bummed on that.

625#10. Godstomper – EP

Godstomper – EP
First two splits they did were awesome (with CATHY AMES, then MISANTHROPIST), but the EP they did for me is still the best thing I think they did. The 4-track recording came out pretty heavy, so I was stoked. Another West Bay bass/drum/vocal unit. We did 1000 and there are 200 on red.

625#11. Gorymelanoma/ Emetic- Split EP

Gorymelanoma/ Emetic- Split EP
My second attempt at putting out local death metal. EMETIC hail from the San Luis Obispo area but have been friends with the West Bay Coalition since day one. Their demo is so fucking great, but it was the only thing they ever recorded. They only had drums, guitar and vocals, and the recording they did was live in the studio. I thought it was brutal so we went ahead and used songs form that. GORYMELANOMA were this obscure South Bay band that had some demos but hardly ever played. They finally played and I asked em there if we could use some demo songs for a split. Thus it came to be. 1000.

625#12. Excruciating Terror- “Live at Gilman” EP

Excruciating Terror- “Live at Gilman” EP
Anybody who doesn�t think ET is the best grind band nowadays can go fuck off. They are the only band that even comes close to the From Enslavement LP. Well, so I went to their show, asked if I could tape them, and low and behold, the tape came out sick as fuck. I talked to them about doing it and they were stoked! One of my favorite bands of all time. 1500 total, 200 on red.

625#13. Entropy – EP

Entropy – EP
I was in touch with them for a long time, and they had been self-releasing these pro-cassettes, so me and Figure Four thought it was about time they did some vinyl. Apart from the worst cover art you ever saw, the music is brutal and raw grindcore/hardcore. 1500 total.

625#16. No Comply/ Christmess- Split EP

No Comply/ Christmess- Split EP
The CHARLES BRONSON guys always had different projects going on, and CHRISTMESS was one of the best. It was Aaron (2nd guitarist of CB) on guitar and vocals, and Mike (CB guitarist) on drums and vocals They had a couple tapes which ruled. NO COMPLY were a crazy ass drum and bass combo of thrash. All Skate inspired�.they fucking were great. They did a split later with EXHUMED that you should get. First press, 1000, some limited numbered covers. Repress of 500, new cover.

625#17. 324 EP

324 EP
Man, am I proud to say I put their record out first. Although I think the printer did a shitty job on the cover, this record is probably the most brutal fucking grind to come out of Japan. 100% TERRORIZER inspired.I met the drummer in Chicago when his other band (the VOLUME DEALERS) played – he kicked me a rehearsal tape and I told em right then and there that I would do a record with em. A year later they kicked it down. I did 1000 total, 200 on gold. HG FACT later repressed it as a CD with 2 bonus tracks.

625#18. Kurbits I.R. EP

Kurbits I.R. EP
Their first Ep floored me. There had always been a questioned I asked: why the hell did Scando-bands not play their style faster. There was PROTES BENGT, but no one really played Dis core at 1000mph. Well, that was until the first KURBITS IR EP. Everyone is now stoked on KRIGSHOT, but KIR did it years before em, yet their EP never really got around. I asked if they wanted to do an EP and it came through. The cover art is a little over-bearing, but man, 17 songs of 1000mph Swedish thrash. They are awesome. 1000 total, all on black I believe.

625#19. Avulsion – “The Crimson Foliage Hit” CD

Avulsion – “The Crimson Foliage Hit” CD
These guys always impressed me. They were technical, but brutal as well. When SPAZZ played with them in Buffalo I asked them if they wanted to do a CD. It took awhile to get everything together, but it finally happened. The CD contains an LP length of new material, plus the two old splits. Everything they ever did up to that point. Fans of ASSUCK and DISCORDANCE AXIS will love these guys. 1200 made.

625#20. Short Hate Temper/ Society of Friends – Split Ep

Short Hate Temper/ Society of Friends – Split Ep
I was so happy to be asked to help with this split project. SOCIETY OF FRIENDS are amazing. One of the only US bands that keeps me inspired about hardcore. SHT is known for their ferocious fastcore, so the combo was deadly. I can’t remember how many we ended up doing, I think maybe 1200…but it took forever. There were communication problems etc, so it was delayed. If you can find it, get it. It’s a perfectly matched split.

625#21. Devola – “The Resecutation” Ep

Devola – “The Resecutation” Ep
Their CD on Mountain kicked ass, and still no one I knew really ever heard of them. This is why I decided to put out their next record, cuz I didn’t feel like they got the respect they deserved (MRR gave them a brutally bad review). I love the CD since its so fast, but the EP kicks cuz it has the heavier production. First press, 1000 black covers. Repress, 500 red covers.

625#22. They Live-Ep

They Live-Ep
I had a tpae of these guys forever. Total INFEST / CROSSED OUT madness. I was surprised that more labels didn’t put something out by them since they kicked serious ass. I started to talk to them, and I finally decided to do somethin with them. This Ep is friggin awesome, they retained enough of the fast INFEST style, but they developed their own approach. Total press, 1000.

625#23. KungFu Rick LP

KungFu Rick LP
The split Eps these guys kept on doing showed promise. Then they did a demo that just floored me, so we decided it was time to do an LP. I’m really proud of this LP….and when they came through and played, they dropped everybodies jaw. One of the best bands in the US today. Total of 1500, some color vinyl but I can’t remember how many.

625#24. Deadbodieseverywhere-LP

A split release with Satan’s Pimp, this highlights DBE’s insane grind style. Crazy time changes, loose grooves, and Jason’s brutal vocals…one of the craziest bands from the Bay Area. We did 1000 I believe, and like a dumb-ass I only kept 1 for my self. This sold out instantaneously, and has been repressed on CD by Death Vomit records (Jason’s label, sub of Necrpolis).

625#25. Cornered ep

Cornered ep
I got this demo from a young band from Florida – they mentioned that they really liked SPAZZ etc, and once I played it I was totally surprised. It was complete NYHC / Youth Crew HC, but with blast beats! The drumming is so fucking good in the band. This is the only band I’ve heard from that genre that have the energy and speed that comes with punk/hc. This was their debut ep – 1000 total. Can’t remember if there were 200 on gold or not.

625#26. WxHxN? Ep

WxHxN? Ep
After we got turned down by some labels, I said fuck it and why not do it myself. Little did I know that we would sell 2700 of these fuckers. The first press was 1000, black and red labels, white covers, 200 on red. Second press (1000) was yellow cover, 100 colored vinyl. 3rd press was all black vinyl, white covers, white and red labels.

625#27. Bandana Thrash Flexi compilation

Bandana Thrash Flexi compilation
This turned out to be one of my favorite records that I have ever put out. I absolutely love the 3 Japanese bands�and since it came out, I’ve really tried to help em all out in other ways. I got new records from LIE and CRUCIAL SECTION, and have been talking to FLASH GORDON about possibly re-issuing material or something. WxHxN is on it as well. I did 2000 and they sold out in seconds.

625#28. Majestic Four ep

Majestic Four ep
This actually took a lot longer to do than it appears in the sequence of my release list. This band kicked my ass with their demo, and then their split with SMOL (on MCR) and their comp tracks killed as well. I asked them to do a record, but they broke up before they got a chance to write new stuff. So I said fuck it, what do you think of putting out the demo? This demo is recorded so brutal, I think all demos should be like it. Its really rough…I fucking love it. 1000 pressed, no colored vinyl.

625#29. Charles Bronson double CD discography

Charles Bronson double CD discography
Well, I have a love hate relationship with these guys. I loved the band from the get-go, love all the members (past and present) but man, this thing was a nightmare. Not only did I have an outstanding check for the entire 625 cash-pot sit at the plant for 4 months, but they did not agree that we needed to do more. When you have 5 different people involved in one project, it can be a nightmare. First press, 2500. Second press 3000. The final will and testament of one of the best US bands of the 90s. I was proud to be able to help em with it, and this was the best way for them to go out.

625#30. Found My Direction Cd/Lp

Found My Direction Cd/Lp
Their debut EP is great, energetic youth crew mixed with some NYHC elements. Althogh they went a little more NYHC on this release, it still displays their style well. 1000 CDs pressed, 500 vinyl.

625#31. Skeeziks – Discography Cd

Skeeziks – Discography Cd
This was a combined effort of X-Mist, Boisleve and 625. This band’s first Ep was one of my favorites back in the day, and their follow up Lp is damn good as well. A forgotten German band that deserved another listen. This contained the debut Ep, Lp and the Sold Out Lp as well as more tracks.

625#32. DxRxY-Ep

This is Ep took a long time to make….I got the DAT when I was in Japan, yet it took about 6 months to get the artwork. I heard the DxRxY demo and was amazed. Their comp tracks on Hottest Blood Of Youth, A Reason for Living, and then their split CD with FLASH GORDON all kicked my ass. This is their debut EP, which shows the crossover direction that they are going now….brings to mind the ACCUSED or DESECRATION.

625#34. LIE “Legalize It” Ep

LIE “Legalize It” Ep
This could possibly be my favorite release thus far. I can’t really pin-point what LIE does that is so damn good, but man, everytime I hear them my blood starts to rush. I first worked with them on the “Bandana Thrash Volume” comp flexi, and from then on, I would get the new recordings they would do. I loved everyone of them. This thing sold out within 3 weeks….pretty damn impressive for a debut Ep. 1000 all on black. Possible repress in the works.

625#35. Barbaric Thrash Detonation comp Cd and Ep

Barbaric Thrash Detonation comp Cd and Ep
This was a project in constant progress for 2 years. Julio from Open Wound Records started this, and always asked if I wanted in. I finally agreed to help out, and after a medical emergency, Julio dropped out. I finished the comp (compiling the rest of the material, about 60%) and decided to do a weird format: a CD and EP combined in a 7″ booklet. A total of 41 bands, all thrash, from all over the world. 2200 pressed.

625#36. Fall Silent EP

Fall Silent EP
I’ve been trying to work with these guys since day one. I saw them way back when in San Francisco and got their demo.I immediately fell in love. I followed them through their progression and was fucking stoked that after 4-5 years, they asked me to do something. This EP is rawer and faster than all their previous material, while still retaining their technical metal riffage. The cover art is unusual, the music destroys. As of writing this, we got 1000 black vinyl, 500 green vinyl.

625#37. Fear is the Path to the Darkside-EP

Fear is the Path to the Darkside-EP
I was in contact with Bernd for awhile, and he told me that a new band emerged out of the ruins of STACK. He sent me their debut and I was blown away. I told him that we should do something for the US, and he offered to do some for a limited US press. We did 400 for US distro, only difference is that there is a small 625 sticker on the back.

625#38. Kungfu Rick / Curtainrail – Split EP

Kungfu Rick / Curtainrail – Split EP
Finally out (after 1.5 years in the making!)CURTAINRAIL asked to do a split with some bands in the US. I brought the idea up to the KFR guys and they were stoked. I think both bands will compliment each other well….both are super fast, raw and include crazy time changes. 1300 total pressed, 300 on gold.

625#39. Point of Few EP

Point of Few EP
A good Dutch band that has overtones of fellow-Dutch thrashers SEEIN RED. I actually met some of them when they visited for a Fiesta Grande, and I enjoyed talking with the members.Really catchy and powerful, with enough speed to carry it through. They have multiple vinyl releases out, yet this release will be their first US release. I think they already have a ton of releases planned for the future.

625#40. Gordon Solie Motherfuckers – “Power Bomb Anthems Vol. 1” 10″Lp

Gordon Solie Motherfuckers – “Power Bomb Anthems Vol. 1” 10″Lp
When CAPITALIST CASUALTIES toured the States, we played with them in a small Vets Hall in Ohio, and I was blown away. They were just starting out, but I offered them a LP right then and there. The Lp is a lot more tight than their EP, but it continues their style of mixing raging Japanese hardcore riffs (and lyrics!) with 1982 Boston style hardcore. These guys have a reputation for completely going ape when they play live (they are banned from most Clevo clubs) so watch out for em! The 10″ is currently limited due to a falling out with the pressing plant. A CD reissue (with the EP) is in the works. So hold tight.

625#41. Crucial Section LP

Crucial Section LP
These guys are the kings of the 80s inspired hardcore. They absolutely love Euro-80s thrash�and it shows. The record art, the production of the recording, and the song styles sound straight out of the 80s. The closest comparison would be RIPCORD or later UNSEEN TERROR. They already have material for new releases, so watch out. This is a band to keep your eyes on! One thing that will always win me over is when people are nice and energetic. These guys are both…they are more friends than a band on my label, as well as an inspiration to me.

625#42. Discarga EP

Discarga EP
I got a demo from this band in Brazil.and the very first song floored me. I took it with me everywhere to play for people. I wrote them back and asked if they would like to do something and they said yes! So, two songs from the demo will be on the next “Bandana Thrash” flexi comp. Plus they recorded a whole new set of songs that are 1000mph for the EP. I’m extremely stoked on the stuff, and I hope I get the honor to keep working with them.

625#43. Jellyroll Rockheads – Intense and Mild EP

Jellyroll Rockheads-Intense and Mild EP
Kenji of RAZORS EDGE side band…I got a demo from my friend Ryo in Osaka, and, like the DISCARGA demo, was blown away. I wrote them instantly and asked them
if they would like to do something. And low and behold, they said yes! A couple of songs will appear on the upcoming “Barbaric Thrash Vol. II” comp, and the rest will be on the debut Ep. Get it or get out of the scene.

625#44. Kungfu Rick-Discography CD

Kungfu Rick-Discography CD

We talked about this for awhile, and since they planned to go on tour in the summer of 2000, we thought the time was right. It contains the “Motivation to Abuse” Lp, and all their split Eps. A total of 29 songs of super fast hardcore. It’s nice to have it all on one CD, I’ve been spinning this more than the vinyl version (slave to conveniance I guess).

625#45. Cornered – “This Time” CD

Cornered – “This Time” CD

They sent me their new recording, and the new songs completely destroy
the old stuff. Faster, more hardcore, heavier….They had some plans to tour in
Fall of 2000, so we thought we should get this going quick. As I said in the
description for their debut EP, CORNERED mix really heavy NYHC style with
super fast grindcore beats. I love both styles, but always hated the mediocrity
of typical, generic NYHC. CORNERED are the only band that have spiced up that
style with the speed and energy of fastcore.

625#46. Breakfast – EP

Breakfast – EP

Featureing ex-members of O.A.C (two Eps, one on Bacteria Sour), BREAKFAST
take the same influences (80s skate thrash) but speed it up more. More hectic
and aggressive than OAC, BREAKFAST will most definitely be one of the new bands
to watch out for. Plus, I can’t help but love em for really skating. I saw them live in Tokyo
and they ruled. Plus I got to skate with Yo the drummer here in SF. Things like that
make a release satnd out because its a release thats based more on friendship than
scenester or business shit. I hope to work with them again.

625#47 Youth Enrage – LP

Youth Enrage – LP

The US release of their debut EP and CD on vinyl format. I thought the
whole modern-fastcore thing was dead until I heard this. Power-violence that is
so extreme, it is one of the only bands that can drop my jaw still. Crazy time
changes, 2 vocalists going out of control, hyper-drumming…I could not let
this release go without the US kids hearing it as well. Seeing them in Sapporo was

625#48 Protes Bengt – Discography LP

Protes Bengt – Discography LP

After I heard LARM, I was on the look out for all the fast bands, and if you were from around then, you can remember how damn difficult it was. Most bands only got to demo stages, but a few obscure bands got some vinyl output. PROTES BENGT was one of them. They were a side band of MOB 47 and FILTHY CHRISTIANS and they crammed a whopping 32 songs on one EP. When I got it I thought I was in heaven. They did a 14 songs demo after that which was even faster, yet it never got around. When I tracked Per down, he said he was fully into re-releasing all that stuff….thus I get to release one of my favorite bands growing up.

625#49 HHH – 2xCD Discography

HHH – 2xCD Discography
I first heard HHH from their debut LP, which is amazing, especially for the time it was released. They played extremely fast hardcore, but while everyone at the time was doing grind/powerviolence vocals, HHH delivered theres in a rapid, but discernable style. I found out later they had an earlier (and very rare) EP on a German Label. They did a few other projects (some comps and a split LP with VITUS DANCE). This compiles EVERYTHING they did, their demo, EP, LP, split LP and an entire live show. Two full CDs of Spanish thrash!

625#50 What Happens Next “Stand Fast Tour 2000” EP

What Happens Next “Stand Fast Tour 2000” EP

A 4 song EP pressed to sell on our Japan Tour (9-10 / 2000). It features 3 new ones as well as a DEATHSIDE cover (my favorite band in the whole world). We did 500 limited for Japan (covers) and 1500 were available to distros. We wanted it somewhat limited, but not too limited for collector scum to horde. Will be available on a 2nd collection CD down the road.