Spitfire – Discography CD

Still in the works. But here is the story….On the WHN tour we went up to Sapporo, where most Tokyo/Osaka bands don’t even tour, and while we were up there, I got to hang out with Mitch from FACE OF CHANGE. He took the time to explain about the Sapporo punk scene, how it had been around for so long, but much like the Southern punk bands in the US scene, was often over looked. No record labels released Sapporo bands, no big-named Japanese bands went up there to tour, etc. But in the mid-80s, all these bands started playing, and they took their influenced from all different sources, European, American, Japanese, etc. Bands like FREAKS (pre-F.O.C) and SPITFIRE were playing music that was inspired by the American HC scene, which made them the black sheep of Japan even more. Mitch put on this old video of SPITFIRE playing, and it was amazing. Kids were going nuts, they were super energetic, their friends were up on stage having a blast…I couldn’t believe that I had never heard of this band. Thus I got the idea to try to get some old Sapporo HC out there, so what was done back then on tapes, is documented and not forgotten. This release is my personal favorite, I still get shivers watching the videos. This compiles the 5 song demo (straight from the tape…..), some live tracks and two live shows from 1988. This is 14 years over due in my opinion….It was hard to get all the stuff together, and to find the members that are spread all over Japan, but it was well worth it in my opinion.

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