LIE – Why? Tour EP

So LIE showed up at the end of December 2001 for a small West Coast tour, and it was so much fun for me to hang out with em. Like I was saying in their LP description above, LIE are very down to earth and fun, thus they really felt at home in the US where all the kids would come up to them and talk, or exchange gifts, or smoke weed with them. We had a blast driving around California (in my parent’s borrowed car of all vehicles..) and although we only spoke in very broken english/japanese, we formed a strong bond. And my respect/friendship with them only makes me want to support them even more, so keep your eye out for some future projects on 625. This EP contains 4 new thrash songs, marking a return to the style they played on their debut EP. Super fast, straight forward thrash, no fluff. 1900 Pressed, no colored vinyl.

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