Rambo – Lp

Tony Pointless is infamous……he booked the Stalag venue in Philly before it got shutdown, and everyone who has met him has remembered him. He is fucking awesome…and totally creative. So he tells me about RAMBO, and I met the other members out at the 2000 Chicago Fest, and they tell me about how they wear full camoflauge, and stage battles at their shows and shit. Sounds like window dressing, right? Wrong….the music kicks fucking ass….pissed hardcore not unlike Sweden’s FINAL EXIT or PROJECT X (hell, I even think the first MADBALL EP), and their live shows have become infamous…with their 50+ crowd in full army fatigues and battle scenes. When WxHxN played with them in Philly it was insane, robots, full size tanks and 100 person fight between vikings and riot police (I was a cop). This album is brutal, and shows that they are not just a live-schtick band. RAMBO typifies what I love about hardcore….. great music (with serious lyrics) that is fun! The guys are all super nice and can do nothing but put a smile on your face. 1200 CDs and 1100 vinyl so far. A repress of 500 LPs in Spring 2002.

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