A lot of kids in the US or Europe don’t know about the scene politics that occur in Japan. There is major stratification among bands, thus there are bands that are “earning” respect, although they might be assholes, while younger bands are getting shunned because they don’t don’t act a certain way, or don’t sound a certain way. Well, LIE is
focused on just playing and having fun…nothing else. And that’s why I want to support them. They don’t give a rats ass about the politics, they just like to play, drink, and
hang out with their friends. This LP, while continuing the ballistic thrash that they are known for, has LIE throwing down some rocking Japanese style punk riffs here and there to get the toes tapping. I love it. The CD has comps tracks, split Ep tracks, their “Legalize It” Ep and some live songs. CD 1000 pressed, vinyl is 1100 pressed. No colored vinyl.

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