Immortal Fate – Beautiful LP

This has been in the works for years now. They recorded it in what….93 or 94, and the vinyl has been sitting around since 96 or so. IMMORTAL FATE was the local thrash metal/death metal band when I was in high school, and since PLUTOCRACY members had brothers in the band, we soon became good friends. When bands like PLUTO and EXHUMED started, IMMORTAL FATE was the band we all looked up to. While their earlier stuff was influenced by bands like NUMBSKULL, EPIDEMIC and VIOLENCE, their later stuff was inspired by the emerging grindcore scene of the early 90s. This last recording ends up at the most extreme end of the spectrum for grindcore/death metal. This is completely unpolished, down-tuned grindcore. Just like the title says, fucking “Beautiful”! 1100 pressed, 550 on green, 550 on red. 200 passed out without covers/inserts. 900 with.

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