Possessed to Skate Vol II

The first version came out years ago…that one was fun to do for sure. But it never really dawned on me to do a second version until one day I was skating with Chris and Josh at Alameda park and thought about talking to those bands that I know skate, or who I have skated with. The LIFE SET STRUGGLE guys were the first to come to mind….when I first saw their shirts with the old Life Skateboard logo on it, I thought to myself, “this band really knows whats up”…..BREAKFAST came to mind for two reasons…one was I was down at “new spot” in SF in 2000 and I saw all a group of Japanese kids came up and started filming…well one of the filmers was wearing a Capitalist Casualties/Slight Slappers Tour t-shirt. We looked at each other and realized we knew each other…..When Exclaim was here, I took their singer Sakai (who also is the guitarist of BREAKFAST) out skating…we also met up with the singer of BREAKFAST who happened to be in town at the same time. SCHOLASTIC was included because Josh, Chris and I have been skating together for the past 3 years…..mainly hitting parks after work or going super early in the morning to Alameda….and ExTxA was included after I was talking to Christopher about the other members skating……The whole idea behind this comp is to include bands that have members who skate…I know right now it’s somewhat fashionable to be “skate-thrash” or something to those effects….but I wanted to include bands who’s members would be skating no matter what. After I got all the masters from the bands and listened to em, I knew this was going to be one-hell-of a comp. Im stoked! And I might try to keep this a regular comp series…who knows.

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