Eu’s Arse LP
EU’S ARSE was one of the early breed of frantic and raw punk bands coming out of Italy in the early 80s. I was turned on to them when one of my friends (reknowned for his int’l tape collection) dubbed me what he had from them back in high school. I was blown away…In the late 90s there was a bootleg comp CD that came out with old Italian HC singles, bands like PEGGIO PUNKS, IMPACT, etc were included…and for the first time, the EU’S ARSE stuff was heard by a whole new generation. I was lucky enough to be brought into this project by Mila from Agipunk in Italy, who brought up the idea of doing it as a split label release in order for the material to be available in the US as well. I will only be getting 500 copies (of the first press at least) but I’m really glad that this is happening. This also flies in the face of what has become really common these days, labels doing bootlegs without putting in the footwork to find the members. This is a 100% legitimate release, with full participation of the band.

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