Scholastic Deth – Revenge of the Nerds EP

Our third recording….the first one with Bart at House of Faith. We were hoping to get this out in time for the DOWN IN FLAMES/SCHOLASTIC west coast tour in 2002……and did it by a few days. We got down to Goleta early and spent a few hours in the parking lot outside of EBULLITION stuffing them. Like I have metioned before, SCHOLASTIC is super fun for me to play in since I really love working with the rest of the dudes…..all of us our nerds in our own way, B being the crazy philosopher, Chris being math guru and mad biker, Josh being a literary nerd and design wiz, and me being the stressed out-doing-way-too-many-things-at-one-time-all-I-want- to-do-is-read guy. Recording, playing shows, writing songs, hanging out…is always fun with the dudes.(2000 pressed, all on black)

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