Down in Flames – LP/CD

John has been writing to me before they released anything, and while the first tape (later released as the first EP) was more in the youth crew vein, their second recording fucking floored me. This was later to become the EP on Gloom and the split with GATECRASHERS. The speed in which the songs flew by, and the constant time changes really made me take note, and we started talking about doing something. Before their 2nd EP was released we already agreed on doing a full length….at first I was thinking, maybe it was a rash decision to agree to a full length from such a new band, but that tape they sent to me was fucking brilliant. Their later recordings, and the live shows that I saw just reinforced my commitment to the project. Meeting them just made me want to stand behind the project even more. We were lucky enough to bring them out here in the Spring of 2002, and SCHOLASTIC DETH went on the road with them. They fucking floored me everynight. The best show was watching them play their entire LP non-stop, in a cold, dark basement in Reno Nevada in front of about 20 kids. 1100 LPs pressed(200 with West Coast Tour Covers) and 1200 CDs.

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