V/A Barbaric Thrash Vol III 2xCD+EP

Not necessarily a nightmare comp although it took forever. This is a collection of new (and not-so-new) thrash bands from all over the world….34 bands to be exact. This comp series is born out of my love for collecting demos, and I wanted to get some exposure for all these great bands that I was hearing. My plan is to have a new volume of this series come out every 6 months or so, featuring bands that I have heard within that time frame. Plus, to round-out the concept behind the comp, I am now including a demo from an old band on each one….to drive home the importance of demos, and how great they can be (some of the best songs a band writes is on their demo). This volume will have an ASOCIAL demo that is fucking nuts…like LARM meets PROTES BENGT. That’s shitload of stuff in one package.

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