V/A Four Corners Comp

Nightmare compilation……the reason I say that is it has taken for ever (Im writing this and its still in the works). The bands on it rule, the songs they submitted are excellent, everything about it is great, except for the fact that is has taken forever. I wanted to do an international youth crew comp that featured DIY, political bands……I felt (and feel) that youth crew and SXE have become such a lame, reactionary, polished form of music…and that most retro 88 bands are missing that political, DIY, punk spirit that made youth crew such a great scene. I started on this project way back when…..and while it was being put together, a ton of great releases with the same concept came out (I recomend checking out the Commitment boxset comp.) This comp LP features mulitiple songs from LIFES HALT (US), DEAD END (Sweden), HIGHSCORE (Germany), POINT OF FEW (Holland) and ZAGLOG RA (Croatia). All of it is fast, pissed off and sincere youth crew.

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