Highscore – CD
These guys sent me a demo long time ago and I was floored….the demo was super rough, but thats what was so great about it. They played fast youth crew, but with a really raw punk sound and idealism. When they started to put out vinyl, each one got better and better. Their LP was the shit. I talked to them about helping get their stuff over to the US so kids here can check em out, and they had been talking about doing a CD version of the LP. Although I’m not the biggest fan of the CD format, in this case it served
its purpose, because we compiled EVERYTHING they had done up to the LP. Bands like HIGHSCORE have rescued youth crew from becoming right-wing, complacent, and out-right boring. Watch for a second LP on 625 early in 2002. 1200 pressed as of 2001.

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