Real Reggae – Maze plus THC CD
The MAZE CD that REAL REGGAE did on MCR Company is fucking ripping. Great, thick production, awesome songs….just everything that I look for in a good fastcore band. I started talking to Yumikes of MCR and he was saying that REAL REGGAE was looking to release things in the US. I’ve met them twice before (both times I’ve been to Osaka, I’ve played with them) and was totally into helping them out. We started talking about it more, and the end result was a discography up to MAZE. And although in retrospect I would have liked to have done a vinyl version, I think the purpose was acheived….the entire history of REAL REGGAE was made available to places that have not been able to get their stuff. A funny side note is that the tray cards were printed wrong, and they shrink-wrapped the CD as well, so I had to crack open all 1600 of them to replace the tray card. That sucked. Anyways…40+ songs, spanning comps, splits, Eps and their debut full length + full color sticker..

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