Face of Change – 2xEP

I had been writing Mitch the bassist for awhile, and we grew to know each other pretty well. But it wasn’t until WxHxN went to Sapporo that it really dawned on me how awesome Mitch and FOC was. Sapporo is like the Mid-West of Japan. Isolated, but pumping out awesome bands. Mitch and FOC had been playing in US-style HC bands since 1985…His first band was called FREAKS who play a killer blend of SoCal HC and skate-rock. Then FOC started in 1988, and their first thing was this 1990 demo.
The recording is rough, there’s tape wrinkles on the vinyl, and the music is formula, but taken in the context of what the Japanese HC scene was like in 1988-1990….FOC was going against the tide and playing what they liked. And they havent stopped since. That’s what really inspired me, they just do the style of HC they like…and have been for 13 years. Originally, I had envisioned doing the cover like the UC Demo 2xEPs, but we decided against that since its been done many times before. We also decided against doing a CD of this since we both think vinyl is a lot cooler. 1200 pressed, 200 on red, 1000 black.

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