625#101 They Live Lp/CD

They Live Lp/CD
This LP had been in the works for years…right after I released their debut EP we had talked about finishing it off with a tasty helping of full length, but a few line-up changes and their crazy schedules had slowed down that process. They finally got into the studio in spring of 2002 (the same studio where GSMF recorded the 10″). While not as Infest-esque as their earlier recordings, this shows
they can chart their own territory. The CD has some re-recorded old songs as a bonus.

625#102 Domestik Doktrin EP

Domestik Doktrin EP
Hailing from Indonesia, DOMESTIK DOKTRIN play fast and furious thrash not unlike the burgeoning scene in the US, Europe and Japan. The only thing is, they will never be heard outside of SE Asia unless a label in one of those countries actively seeks them out. I’ve been writing to them for a while, and I got a rehearsal/demo tape that was really good…they were talking about how they were going into the studio soon so I was excitedto hear how that came out. This is the result….I was thoroughly impressed with the recording quality and the newer songs…..blazing fast thrash that transcends borders.

625#103 v/a Mosh Circle, Jerk Punks – Lp

v/a Mosh Circle, Jerk Punks – Lp
Along with the Breakfast LP, this compilation is a co-release with Thrash On Life Records from Osaka (Kenji from Razors Edge and Jellyroll Rockheads). There is a catch-22 for Japanese labels who want their releases out in the US: due to the high prices in Japan, they cannot sell their releases to the US for the accepted US DIY price (issues of either reselling back to Japan, etc). So we started talking about doing vinyl versions of his CDs here. This is the first one, featuring RAZORS EDGE, IDOL PUNCH, BBQ CHICKENS, and TOMORROW. A mix of fierce thrash, quirky spazz-core and semi melodic hardcore punk. A good intro to these bands.

625#104 Breakfast – Lp

Breakfast – Lp
I have been talking to them about this for awhile, and it all came together when they planned to tour the US in 2003. Kenji had talked to them as well of doing a release, so Thrash On Life will be doing the CD in Japan and I will be doing the vinyl here. I really like working with Breakfast since I have enjoyed hanging out with the members, and I think their brand of skate-hardcore punk is rad….a mix of distorted thrash with Minutemen influences.

625#105 Let’s Grow – Ep

Let’s Grow – Ep
I ripping fast youth crew band from Yugoslavia….I decided to do their EP as the 3rd installment of the FOUR CORNERS SERIES (see VOL II below). Wanted to expose youth crew kids to the international and political aspect of youth crew, instead of the watered down crap that has saturated the US and Europe.

625#106 Gnats Sucker – Ep

Gnats Sucker – Ep
GNATS SUCKER is another bands from the late-80s Sapporo scene (along with SPITFIRE, FREAKS, FACE OF CHANGE, etc) that I chose to release in order to get them documented. This was their self released demo, and it never made it to vinyl. Good hardcore along the lines of Gorilla Biscuits.

625#107 Machinegun Romantics – Debut EP

Machinegun Romantics – Debut EP
I had been writing with Alex from POWERBUTT for a few years, and so when his new band recorded he sent me the CD. Judging from the name I didn’t know what to expect, but when I first heard it I was floored. Excellent fastcore at a time when most bands were playing mid-paced early 80s stuff. Tons of hooks, great song writing, snotty vocals (and lyrics)…all around awesome. We later did a CD collection which ended up being their last release.

625#108 Never Conform – Ep

Never Conform – Ep
This was a fastcore band from Sapporo from the late 80s featuring members of FREAKS/FACE OF CHANGE. They never got into the studio so the only way I knew of them was from a rehearsal tape and a video. But they decided to get back together to record those songs in a studio and this is the product. Fast hardcore that is along the lines of HERESY, RIPCORD and later UNSEEN TERROR. My favorite style ever!

625#109 Iron Lung – LP/CD

Iron Lung – LP/CD
The debut LP from Iron Lung. What can be said about this band? Two guys (guitar and drums) who play some of the most punishing and original fastcore ever. Some people describe them as grind, some as hardcore, some as power violence, but you can’t pigeon hole the Lung – they are the one and only. One of my favorite bands of all time.

UPDATE: Iron Lung’s debut LP was repressed by PRANK and 625 in 2010: 1000 pieces with slightly altered ink used on the cover.
UPDATE: The 2010 repress sold out quickly, so PRANK and 625 repressed another 500 copies in April 2011. The cover ink design was slightly changed.

625#110 Bay Area Thrash Detonation – Comp Ep

Bay Area Thrash Detonation – Comp Ep
This is the first in a series of geographic comp EPs that I planning on doing…while continuing the “barbaric thrash” series. This will feature the new bands that have been opening shows in the Bay Area for the past year…features: ELEPHANT MAN, VOETSEK, SHARP KNIFE, LAB RATS, DELTA FORCE, DYSTROPHY and SCHOLASATIC DETH. Already planning another Bay Area comp since there are so many damn good bands….

625#112 SE Asia Thrash Detonation – Comp EP

SE Asia Thrash Detonation – Comp EP
Since I have been inundated with great hardcore from all over SE ASIA, it only is natural to do some sort of comp. We have DOMESTIK DOKTRIN (Indonesia), EDORA (Singapore), FEUD (Philippines), FASTGAME (Malaysia), SECRET 7 (Singapore) and MASS SEPERATION (Malaysia). Wait till you hear some of these bands….they kick serious international ass.

625#113 Kungfu Rick 2nd LP

Kungfu Rick 2nd LP
It has been recorded for awhile, but needed to get some final tracking done…with their plans of coming out West for the Super Sabado Gigante Fest in 2003, we rushed to get this going. I heard it in the mastering studio and was blown away…super stoked. Along the lines of their earlier releases, this seems to have a harsher feel: the blast beats seem faster, and the slower parts punish more. Super excited to be doing this.

625#114 No Time Left 10″ LP

No Time Left 10″ LP
I liked the EP, but when I saw them live on tour with THEY LIVE, I was really won over. Plus the long friendship with Eric and Nick really won me over. So when I got the test pressing of this thing I was blown away…they progressed alot since the EP, writing songs that have alot more gritty punk rock feel to it than just straight up fast youth crew style. There are parts that even remind me of some GSMF riffs. Needless to say, I was really pleased with this release…Hopefully I will be doing more releases with the Buffalo gang.

625#115 Scholastic Deth CD

Scholastic Deth CD
This has all the EPs, all the comps, plus some unreleased demo songs (which personally I think suck ass, but what’s a discography without shitty demo songs). On top of that, we compiled video clips from some of our favorite shows.

625#116 Bay Area II comp Ep

Bay Area II comp Ep
There are too many fucking bands here damn it! On this one we got TREASON, DEAD/FALL, STOCKHOLM SYNDROME, DOPPELGANGER, DESOLATION,FUNERAL SHOCK, VOETSEK, plus a few more. This area has been churning out new bands recently, so all the labels out here can’t even keep up!

625#117 Life Set Struggle EP

Life Set Struggle EP
Known the guys for a few years and finally got to play with them 2 years ago out in Ann Arbor….after having them on the POSSESSED TO SKATE VOL II comp, I asked them to do an EP. LSS is a true skate-core band. While other bands use the images, these guys actually skate. Their music is no fluff, straight forward hardcore punk…..

625#118 Far Left Limit EP

Far Left Limit EP
Fucking AWESOME Australian hardcore which is fast and raw like it should be. There have been a bazillion awesome bands coming from Australia that have gone under the radar of most European and American labels, so hopefully this release will be one of many from Australia on 625 highlighting how awesome the scene is there.

625#119 He Who Corrupts LP/CD

He Who Corrupts LP/CD
When John (KUNGFU RICK) told me he had a new band (at first named Optimus Prime) I knew it was going to smoke…I just had no idea how bad ass HWC would become. This release is
probably the most “death metal” sounding of all the grindcore I have put out so far, and I absolutely love it. After having them on the MURDEROUS GRIND ATTACK Comp CD, we had talked about doing more things in the future…after a few years, this is the end result. Hopefully, I will get to do more releases with them since I love the guys in the band, and love the band itself…that is if Relapse doesn’t outbid me on the next release! ha ha ha

625#120 Nine Curve EP

Nine Curve EP
Tabata had sent me some tapes of Nine Curve which I really liked….with each tape, they kept getting faster and tighter. This is a the final culmination of Nine Curve (who broke
up in 2002)….totally fast thrash metal inspired Japanese hardcore. I am really happy with these songs and glad that they got something out to document this rad band. Members went onto
to form WE MUST BURN.

625#121 Society Of Friends CD

Society Of Friends CD
For those fans who actually read all my stupid diatribes, you know how much I love this band. The guys are all fucking awesome, yet eccentric, and you can tell when they come together to write music its gonna be fucked up. When SPAZZ played Austin everyone was talking about this band “SOF” who was playing…..they proceeded to play and just pummel us. I was in love with them on the spot. Since then I have seen them only a few times, but each time is like a religious experience for me. The history of this release is this: They records ALL their old songs at the same time they did the LP (for 625). Jon from Satan’s Pimp was going to release on 12″ but after problems with his distributor he stopped doing the label. I decided to put both the newer versions of old songs and the LP on 625 onto CD to get the ENTIRE track listing from SOF onto one thing. Althought the recordings never quite captured the ferocity of this band, I’m still glad to be a part of getting their releases out.

625#122 Discarga 10″ LP/CD

Discarga 10″ LP/CD
I must be the luckiest dude in the world…I get to release some of my favorite bands. Well, from the first time I heard DISCARGA (see earlier discography listing of their debut EP) to getting to tour with them in Brazil, I have been converted to the fact that they are one of the best bands out there right now. There are so many good bands in So America that don’t get the attention they deserve in the US and Western Europe. We had talked about doing something new, and when they began to talk about doing a European tour, we finalized the idea of doing a new full length for the tour. Just as fast and straight forward as all their releases, with an extra dub song at the end!

625#123 I Shot Cyrus LP

I Shot Cyrus LP
Another mind blowing fastcore band from Brazil. They have had a bunch of recordings in the past, from demos, to comp tracks (thrash master LP is brilliant) to a split EP released in Europe….but judging from their ferocity, they should be a fucking household word now. Again, they were talking about a European tour so we talked about getting the LP ready for that. Once they got Boka from RDP on drums, it became easier for them to write songs and get going, so they pumped this LP out mighty quick. I’m super stoked on it….hopefully, we will do more releases in the future.

625#124 Chainsaw/Conga Fury/Voetsek 10″

Chainsaw/Conga Fury/Voetsek 10″
CHAINSAW and CONGA FURY had been asking me about touring in California for a little while, but do to my school, and then the WHN european tour, I told em that I couldn’t be the main driver/organizer of the tour…but I still wanted to help. When Athena took over the booking of the tour, we talked about getting a release out that they could sell on tour to help with costs, at first it was going to be an EP, but then we talked about a 10″. This is the final product……The CONGA FURY stuff is mega distorted like all their prior recordings, they take up the entire side A….CHAINSAW dish out two songs of fast, metallic Japanese hardcore, while VOETSEK finish it off with 6 blazing fast songs.