BG – The Celebration Ep

When the WHN/LIFES HALT tour went through Ft. Smith, we got to play with BG and I (and everyone with us) were fucking blown away. It was insane, cuz for me, here we were in Ft. Smith of all places, playing a Country Western Bar, and the opening band is just phenomenal. They had been playing for awhile, and they featured members from bands that we had known before (RASH OF BEATINGS and BURNED UP BLED DRY). So after they took us home and made us a huge batch of vegan chili, we got to talking about the possibility of releasing something. They had been trying for awhile, so I said fuck an A, you guys are nice, ripping and you deserve the support. We rushed to get this EP out before their US tour, so the recording is a little lacking, and the cover is damn funny yet minimal…..so there was only 500 pressed initially of this. I want to do something with them again, I think a full recording will bring out their amazing ability to write and execute songs. Think early RORSCHACH….super metal, but still punk. (1000 pressed total)

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