The Real Enemy – “Too Little, Too Late” Ep
I by chance ended up reviewing their debut EP on Underestimated for MRR and was in awe of it. It was political (more youth crew needs to be), it was raw (not polished like most sxe bands) and it was fast. Fucking great……we ended up playing with them a bunch, both when WHN went out to the midwest and when TRE and HOLDING ON came out here. It was awesome meeting them since ont only were they our age (27-31) but their friendship only made their band even better. In 2001 they decided to call it quits. The songs on this EP were 5 demo songs they were preparing for a full length. Unfortunately they didnt get to it, so we decided to get this out for their last two shows. It was a mega rush to get it out for the deadline, and we made it with only one day to spare. I was lucky enough to be out at the CHICAGO FEST to see their very last show….they were the best I have ever seen em. First Press, 1200 black, 300 orange vinyl.

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