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Plutocracy -“Dankstahz” LP
My first “problem” record. I guess you could say I�ve been caught up in a couple of damage-recovery projects, and this was the first. PLUTOCRACY (who I played drums for since 1989, and who just reformed in 1998) recorded this LP for Steve from ASSUCK’s label in 92, yet after two years, nothing happened. I called the pressing plant and found out that there were 500 LPs sitting in boxes down there, and that if I paid the invoice, they were mine. I cleared it with Steve, and asked Chris Slap-a-Ham to help me out. Only 500 of these exist, Dan from Spazz and I spent days handscreening the covers. Was later included on a Discography CD as well as released as a 10″ Lp in Europe.