625#200 LORDS OF LIGHT – “Energy” LP

Probably the first Powerviolence release on Life is abuse and definitely the first PROG album on 625, LORDS OF LIGHT have created a landmark album that will undoubtedly confuse / amaze / anger all fans of each genre! Drawing many influences from mid-90’s Powerviolence, to mid-90’s DC as well as paying homage to ACxDC and European Progrock.. Lords of Light strike many chords that in the past haven’t had much in common with each other, but in the hands of these three Portland freaks somehow makes perfect sense. Recorded at Smegma studios by Mike Lastra… colored vinyl packaged inside a silkscreened cover. Split release between Little Deputy, Life is Abuse and 625 Not-So-Fast.

625#196 BANDANOS – Full Length CD

BANDANOS – Full Length CD
Continuing where the split with DESTRUCTIONS END left off, Brazil’s BANDANOS conjure the spirits of Venice Beach and Marth Splatterhead for some raging 80s crossover thrash. Think NO MERCY meets early ACCUSED. Rising above the norm of current crossover bands, BANDANOS execute this syle with originality and aggression, making them one of the best of the genre.

625#177 Final Draft / AxRxMx EP

Final Draft / AxRxMx EP

The AxRxM track listing on the cover is inccorect. The correct order is:
1. Macho Dick Head
2. Cowboys can skate
3. Fuck that give me wafflz
4. that tie makes a good noose
5. jacking off satan
6. stay away from the boof cloud
7. omar wheres my weed?