Discarga – Lp/Cd

Man….writing these things I just feel like I’m so damn lucky to be working with so many cool bands. The way I heard DISCARGA was they wrote to me ordering some WHN stuff….they happened to include a demo, and when I heard it, I told em, forget WHN, what’s up with DISCARGA! Everything they have done has just blown me away, and they are getting even better with time. They sound like a rawer MAN LIFTING BANNER, or a later LARM. Political lyrics, super high energy thrash….awesome members. Now this full length is actually a collection of tracks…….since most of their stuff is on hard to find comps from Brazil, or just on demo tapes, we decided to make their first full length out of all their recorded material. On the LP, you have ALL comp tracks, 5 new songs and their demo. The CD is different, it is missing one block of comp tracks that are waiting to come out on a Brazilian release, the 5 new songs, the demo AND the 625 EP. So to try to make it easy to understand, the CD is missing 5 comp tracks, the LP is missing the 625 EP. Now lets see if
we can’t get them up here for some shows!

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